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Primitive Bow Making

Primitive Bow Making


Time: 9am to 5pm daily

Location: Cae Einion. North Wales

Price: £350


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Take a single piece of wood and transform it into a  flat bow using historical designs, then shoot your own hand-crafted arrows on this 4 day course. 

On this course you'll:

  • Find out about the history of the flat bow going back 11,000 years
  • Split the rounds of ash from a felled tree
  • Use wood axes, draw knives and spoke shaves to carve the wood
  • Learn how to use the tiller to create the arc of the bow
  • Prepare and construct the string from dacron
  • Harvest and make arrows from hazel branches
  • Get lots of target practice! 

This course is not for the faint hearted as it is very physically demanding but, rest assured,  walking away with your very own bow which will bend and reform over and over again is worth all the blood, sweat and tears! All food and drink is provided and you are encouraged to camp out in the woods for the duration of the course to immerse yourself in the full woodland experience.