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Stalk to Fork - UK

Be fully absorbed into a stalkers way of life. Learn to shoot, stalk, prepare and cook Roe and Muntijac to help with their active management.
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Whole of the Deer

You will leave being able to skin, butcher and cook a deer. You will also learn about how to use all the other parts so everything is utilised.
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Bushcraft Weekend

2 day course that introduces you to the basics of bushcraft including firelighting, shelter building, wild food and game preparation. Everyone has the opportunity to put these fundamental skills to the test in a very relaxed atmosphere.
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Instructor Awards

Raise your knowledge and experience in teaching bushcraft to offer your clients more variety of activities and/or more engaging and fun bushcraft sessions.
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Knife Making

4 day bespoke knife and sheath making with Ferg's Forge.
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Primitive Bow Making

4 day course that teaches you how to make a primitive flat bow from a single piece of wood and shoot it with your own hand-crafted arrows.
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Survival Experience

This certificated 2 night course, although a progression for the ‘Introduction to Bushcraft Weekend,’ can be attended with little or no previous experience. Having teamed up with ex-military survival instructor Richard Adey we will revisit and reinforce the skills and knowledge already attained whilst bringing in new skills and putting you in more of a survival style situation.
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Stalk to Fork - Africa

4 nights under the southern stars of South Africa hunting various plains game and preparing and eating what you shoot. A unique hunting expedition
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